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My name is Jerry Sampson, breeder/trainer/handler. I got
Brito in August 2004, and began training him for AKC
conformation. I got him to within a 3pt major for his AKC
championship in less then 30 days of showing. At the
USRC Bluegrass Rottweiler Club German show in KY,
Brito took Best Male in Show. Brito being a outstanding
dog made this possible to train and show this Rottweiler. In
2003 I showed Brito to Reserve Winners dog at the MRC
Specialty with limited training. I have bred and trained
rottweilers for many years and have put UD obedience titles
on two Am/Can Champions BOB males. I have finished a
number of dogs to AKC championships, including breeding
and finishing the Number 1 bitch in 1998 ARC system.
Brito finished his AKC championship at ARC specialty
show in Columbus Ohio with a 4pt MAJ. BOW on
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
I was president of the Medallion Rottweiler Club for two
years, show chairman in 1999, and judged at the American
Rottweiler Club National Specialty in 2004. I am
dedicated to the betterment and high standards of the
rottweiler breed.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
At left is Brito's Best in Show win under Germany's
respected Judge Herr Edgar Hellmann 2/20/2005 at
Central Florida Rottweiler Klub/USRC Select show with
an entry of 138 dogs. Handler Jerry Sampson.
Brito has several BIS wins now.
Brito BIS
Judge Herr Edgar Hellmann
Ch. Sampsons Anna Belle Cadence,
No. 1 bitch ARC 1998.
Bred and finished by Jerry Sampson.
Owner Mary Statzer-- handler Perry Payson
Belle's 4pt major win under Judge Joan Klem.
Handler Jerry Sampson
Am/Can Ch. Sampsons Jedi Knight U.D.
1997 Top Ten.
Bred and finished by Jerry Sampson.
Jed got his CDX and UD in 14 mo.
Photo Top 20
Am/Can Ch. Sampsons Bo Dandy, UD.
A 3-time 5pt-major BOW winner and Jedi's sire.
Bo got his UD at 7yrs old.
Handler Dick McKinney
Gold Sire
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